Meaningful business

  • 23 March 2016
  • Anni Laine


Since I took the leap to become an entrepreneur I've struggled to figure out the best way to use social media to further my goals. That sounds so corporate - goals, strategy, marketing, networking... All of that is necessary for any business, but it's not what I'm all about. So I decided to write about meaningful things.

I believe in making things better.

Obviously what my business is about is my expertise in localization, but just knowing a lot about something does not a consultant make. What I am personally about is what matters as much if not more.

I believe in authenticity. In facing other people honestly and without pretence. Trust is important and without it there is no meaningful relationship, business or otherwise.

Openness goes hand in hand with honesty; being open about who you are and what you do. Being open also enables connection. Listening to the other person, hearing and understanding their point of view. Their needs, their issues, what is meaningful for them.

Understanding another person leads to being able to help them. Lending your experience and knowledge for their use and helping them get where they want to be. That's a reward in itself.

I believe in making things better. From very small things to big ones, I focus on increasing the good and minimizing the bad. This works in business as well as personal life.

Finally, I want to talk about cooperation. Working together towards a common goal, being part of a team and building relationships. My business is called LocAlly for a reason - I aim to build alliances, not just sell services. Because people are important and people are what make businesses succeed.

Originally published in LinkedIn