Game Localization Starting Boost

Quick and easy way to get started with localization!

Are you a game studio with big plans for global sales but on a tight budget? You want to localize your game but don't know exactly how to get started?

Let me help you!

The Starting Boost service will give you basic understanding on

  • scheduling and planning your localization
  • finding good partners to handle the linguistic work
  • choosing good technical solutions
  • avoiding problems in advance
  • getting good quality

The service contains one kick-off meeting - either face-to-face or online - where I will show you the most important things to know about localization, and help you make smart decisions that fit your game.

With this approach to localization you will have the benefit of gaining a basic understanding of localization quickly. By avoiding false starts you'll save both time and money.

Price: 189 €

Contact me at and let's get started!

If you're looking for more extensive localization support, check out the Project Plan service.